Adv. Doron Levy - International Taxation

Unraveling Residency in Global Taxation: Expert Perspectives with Lawyer Doron Levy

Lawyer Doron Levy

Embark on a comprehensive journey into the heart of international taxation as Lawyer Doron Levy demystifies the pivotal concept of residency. With precision and clarity, Adv. Levy delves into the fundamental question: What defines a resident in the eyes of tax authorities worldwide?

Through his nuanced analysis, viewers gain a profound understanding of how residency status shapes tax liabilities, with most countries adopting residency-based taxation systems. However, Levy highlights a notable exception—the United States—where citizenship holds sway over tax obligations, presenting a distinct paradigm in global taxation.

Leveraging his wealth of experience, Levy guides viewers through the intricate residency tests and taxation frameworks prevalent across different jurisdictions, offering practical insights and strategies for individuals and businesses navigating this complex landscape.

Whether you’re a taxpayer seeking clarity or a tax professional aiming to deepen your expertise, this video equips you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the challenges of international taxation head-on, courtesy of Lawyer Doron Levy’s expertise.


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