Adv. Doron Levy - International Taxation

About Adv. Doron Levy

Adv. Doron Levy and the tax team on Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. create cutting-edge, ideal cross-border tax structures and investment vehicles crafted to protect and serve the financial interests of corporate and individual clients as one of Israel’s most renowned and experienced tax departments. This gives corporate and individual clients peace of mind and a sense of security.

Adv. Doron Levy and the team have an enviable reputation for setting unmatched tax litigation and settlement agreements with the tax authorities and mastering a broad range of taxation elements of all commercial transactions in the corporate, real estate, and capital markets.

Adv. Doron Levy

“International Taxation”

The most widely used tax textbook in Israel, “International Taxation,” regarded as the country’s most thorough treatment of international tax, was co-authored by Adv. Levy. The book is based on a three-year comparative study and years of experience in international taxation.

With more than a quarter of a century of experience advising clients on the various legal aspects of a wide range of economic and fiscal issues, Adv. Doron Levy is widely regarded as a preeminent tax expert.

Adv. Doron Levy specializes in all Israeli and international taxation issues, including direct and indirect taxes in Israel and abroad, corporate taxation, land taxation, property taxation, funding of investments, taxation on business deals, and complex real estate transactions. He also has unique expertise in tax planning based on international tax laws, dealing with relevant tax authorities, and defending clients in court on tax-related matters.